Further Discussion

A Point of Clarification 

There has been some confusion about one of the four points that we listed in our Open Letter. A couple of readers have suggested that our call for the US to ‘continue military support for the SDF’ is a call for US occupation of northern Syria, or for an indefinite US military presence in the country. This is not what we said. We simply want the US to maintain its existing support for the SDF, until Erdoğan’s forces and their local militia affiliates withdraw from the Afrin region and commit to no further aggression against Rojava. This support is essential for the SDF to continue the fight against ISIS, and effectively resist Erdoğan’s invasion. Erdoğan’s move appears to have been taken in the cynical confidence that the US will soon depart—and thus give him a free hand to pursue the ethnic cleansing program against Kurds he seems resolved to carry out both within and beyond Turkey’s borders. The US should correct this misperception firmly and immediately.

Debbie Bookchin, Robert Hockett, Anna-Sara Malmgren and Meredith Tax