The New York Times: “These Are Not Disposable Allies”

“If the United States really wants stability in Syria, it needs to back the Kurds politically and practically, not just with weapons.”

September 26th, 2018

Aliza Marcus is the author of “Blood and Belief: The P.K.K and the Kurdish Fight for Independence.” In this opinion piece, Marcus is calling for the U.S. to provide continued military support to the Kurds but emphasizing a need for political and economic support as well.

“The Kurds now control more than a quarter of Syrian territory where an estimated 1.5 million to two million people live. They have created their own administration to govern and provide services. As part of their vision for a decentralized and inclusive Syria, their institutions operate according to rules that promote equal participation for women and equal representation for ethnic and religious groups.”

“The United States announced last month that it intends to keep troops in Syria to support Kurdish-led fighters there until the Islamic State has been completely routed and the area stabilized. Although this long-term commitment is critical, real stability and security can be ensured only by providing political recognition and practical support to the Kurdish administration governing northeastern Syria.”

Read the full article here.

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