Reuters: “Kurdish-led Council Deepens Power in Syria”

“Kurdish-led Council Deepens Power in Syria”

Appearing in the Daily Star, Lebanon (Sept. 7, 2018):

BEIRUT: The political wing of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces is to form a unified administration for its territory, a move that would consolidate its authority in northern and eastern Syria. The SDF controls around a quarter of the country, much of it captured from Daesh (ISIS) with U.S. military help. It is the largest chunk of Syria outside the hands of President Bashar Assad’s state.


The meeting agreed a mechanism to build the new administration and elected a board in charge of it, the SDC said. Siham Karyo, co-president of the board, said the change would help “the people overcome difficulties and provide services until we reach a democratic, decentralized Syria,” according to local Kurdish news agency ANHA.

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