Interview with Sinam Mohamad – Representative of Syrian Democratic Council in the U.S.

Sinam Mohamad (Representative of Syrian Democratic Council in U.S.) and Bassam Ishak (President of the Syriac National Council of Syria) gave an interview to the Washington Kurdish Institute Weekly Digest.

Democratic principles and equitable treatment of civilians are the principles on which the SDF was founded and are the values which give its fighters an advantage over their opponents. These principles are aligned with the societal values of most of the Western democracies which comprise the US-led coalition, and the failure to support them in Syria might be the greatest misstep the United States could take in its war against the Islamic State. In the words of SNC Chairman Ishak, “Our vision is for a pluralistic Syria, a decentralized Syria, sharing power, separating religion from state, with gender equality and religious freedom. If this had happened in Turkey or any other Muslim country, it would be illegal. This is a model that is the antithesis of every oppressive regime… This is the real revolution”.

Follow the link to read the entire interview:

Sinem Mohamed is a long time Kurdish activist defending the Kurdish rights in Syria, and Bassam Ishak is a Syriac Christian who does not share a similar language, religion, or culture with Sinem. However, both figures seem to be in total agreement envisioning the future of Syria. That vision is a decentralized Syria where communities govern themselves and have the SDF as a guarantor of human rights.   

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