International Tribunal: Turkey Guilty of War Crimes Against the Kurdish People

With less than a month remaining before the presidential election in Turkey, an international Tribunal has issued a stinging condemnation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, charging him with war crimes and saying he has caused “incalculable suffering” to the Kurdish people in Southeast Turkey. The Tribunal report calls for him to enter into immediate negotiations with the Kurds, restore the rule of law, and withdraw completely from the largely-Kurdish enclave of Afrin in Syria.

Importantly the Tribunal, declared that the Kurdish struggle is not a “terrorist” issue as Erdogan claims, but rather a “non-international armed conflict ruled by international humanitarian law” and thus should not be subject to anti-terrorism legislation which Erdogan has used as justification for his harsh repression of the Kurdish people in the southeast. The Tribunal noted that the Kurdish movement has repeatedly tried to negotiate a peaceful solution with Turkey and been rebuffed by Erdogan.

For a 6-minute video of the Tribunal President summarizing the verdict and recommendations during its release at the European Parliament in Brussels May 24, please click here.

To read a summary of the verdict, click here:

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