ANF English: Let’s protest against Turkish invasion on May 26

Speaking to ANF, TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society) Foreign Affairs Committee Spokesman Saleh Moslem called on the Kurds to unite, putting emphasis on the importance of participation in demonstrations against Turkey’s expansionist mentality.

Moslem called on all Kurdish people everywhere, and friends of the Kurdish people, and all pro-democracy movements, powers and institutions to stand with the Kurdish people on May 26.

“Because we all have to take action against Erdoğan’s and his party AKP’s dangerous policies or the Middle East, which don’t only target the Kurdish people, but target all humanitarian values in all the Middle East and the world as well. If nobody tells him to stop, he will just turn into another version of Hitler and he will destroy not only the Middle East, but the whole world.”

To help in the United States, please contact your representatives and let them know to take action on Afrin.

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